Silver Bench Jewelry By Lisa Nortz

Heart Chain Bracelet (7")
Each heart is hammered, shaped and soldered together to make a unique sterling silver chain for someone very special. The bracelet shown is 7" long. The bracelet may be ordered any length and is a very pretty necklace also.

$210.00 or $30/inch(Includes shipping & tax)

Woven Chevron Cuff Bracelet
A very intricately woven chevron and diamond pattern decorates this sterling silver cuff. Fine silver wire is rolled to get the proper gauge and width for the weaving on this heirloom piece. Everything has been oxidized and polished. You may add an 18 karat gold strip down the middle if you like, usually adds $125 to the price depending on the bracelet size. Measures about 5/8" wide and your wrist measurement is very important for proper fit.

Prices start at $600.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Single Cable Bracelet
10 gauge sterling silver rings make up this substantial chain, another classic chain design that works well for men or women. This one is shown shiny but looks great oxidized also, please let me know your preference. Measures 9" long and is about 7/16" wide and has a larger lobster clasp.

$410.00 Includes shipping & tax

Turquoise Hook and Loop Bracelet
The stone for this hook and loop variation is turquoise but any number of stones can be substituted, black onyx, tigereye, lapis lazuli, moonstone, labradorite etc... Very comfortable and secure to wear.

$195 includes shipping and tax

Egyptian Link Bracelet
An ancient link of great beauty, I've oxidized the chain for depth but it is very nice left shiny also. The chain is very fluid and has a good weight to it. The disc hides a clasp and completes the design. * Please note that this design will easily catch on hair and other things, great care should be taken when wearing this piece. * Measures about 7-1/4" long and almost 3/4" wide with the disc clasp measuring 1" wide.

$585. includes postage and tax.

Heart Hook and Loop Bracelet
This variation of the hook and loop utilizes a heart for the loop. The heart measures about 1-1/4" all around, a customer recently ordered one for their daughter's graduation gift.

$150.00 includes postage and tax

Turquoise and Concho bracelet
Freeform turquoise cabochons set in between hand stamped conchos makes a nice southwest inspired bracelet. The turquoise cabochons could be changed out with another stone of you choice, pricing may vary.

$375.00 includes postage and tax

Handle Wrap Bracelet
A favorite bracelet design from my basket weaving days. The cuff is half round wire that is wrapped with fine wire in the same way that a basket handle might be wrapped for decoration. The wrap is oxidized to accent the detail before polishing. Your wrist measurement is needed for this bracelet. Measures about 3/16" wide.

$225.00-$325.00 depending on size (Includes shipping & tax)

Twisted Cuff Bracelet
This comfortable cuff is double half round wire with a full twist in the center. I love the look of metal twisted or knotted. Oxidized to highlight the twist. Measures about 3/8" wide. Please give me your wrist measurement so I can build the proper size for you.

Prices start at $125.00 depending on size (Includes shipping & tax)

Turquoise Bench Bracelet
The bench bracelet is a strange name for a bracelet but it is truly a bracelet born from my silver bench. I use design components that are laying on my bench, maybe mistakes or ideas that didn't work for the original purpose, that's how this bracelet got it's name. I've chosen 3 small turquoise cabochons and bezel set them and added whatever I had on the bench to make this truly unique bracelet. I have literally made dozens of these in one form or another and no two are alike, truly one of my best design ideas ever! Please feel free to substitute any cabochon of your choice, I have dozens of stone cabochons on hand at any given time. Pricing may vary depending the stones chosen...Please contact me for details.

$395.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Denim Lapis Lazuli Bead Wrap Bracelet
I've always been drawn to the deep blue of lapis but this softer denim color is wonderful. The 8mm beads are wrapped with sterling silver wire and joined with sterling silver jumprings. Black onyx, amethyst, tigereye, sugilite and lapis may be substituted for the denim lapis.

$180.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Silver Bench Bracelet
This one of a kind chain is made from various components leftover from other pieces of jewelry. When my bench top disappears under all these components I gather them together to form a unique chain. I've oxidized this one but I can just as easily polish it up. The designs will vary as I don't have all the same components available all of the time.

$185.00 including postage and tax

Double Bowknot/Double Cable Chain
Amazing chain, another variation of the bowknot, using double half round sterling wire. One of my personal favorite bracelets, may be shiny or oxidized as this one is. Another great chain that appeals to men and women. This one features square wire rings connecting the bowknots. About 9" long. I offer a version that wraps the bowknots with 18 karat yellow gold instead of the sterling silver. Please contact me for pricing on the gold for wrapping and for different lengths.


Sequential (Byzantine) Bracelets
These striking bracelets are a classic design and can be worn by anyone for any occasion or no occasion at all. Either can be ordered oxidized or shiny as you prefer. The 14 gauge sequential (on the left) measures about 3/8" wide and has been oxidized. The 16 gauge measures about 5/16" wide and is shiny silver`.

14 ga. measures 9" and is $450.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

16 ga. measures 9" and is $360.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Hook and Loop Bracelet
This is not a cuff bracelet or a bangle but instead opens and closes with a hook. The hook and loop is one of my most popular designs, many people just leave it on all the time it's so comfortable! I will need your wrist size for this to fit well, if it's the size the hook and loop will stay on top of your wrist.

$175.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Crazy S Hook Bracelet
The crazy S hook is one of my favorite designs and is created from a mistake. I had cut several pieces of wire for S hooks but they were too long and rather than waste the extra length I came up with this design to use it. This bracelet measures about 8" long.


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