Silver Bench Jewelry By Lisa Nortz

Dichroic Pendant Squiggle
Another awesome piece of Carolyn Relei glass, I feel that the glass is a piece of art and I make the frame. You may choose a stone or glass cabochon for this setting, please contact me for availability.

$110.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Fiery Labradorite Pendant
I've surrounded this fiery labradorite cabochon with lots of swirls, it's a stunning one of a kind piece. As the wearer moves the fire in the stone changes displaying colors from deep greens to brilliant blues. Measures almost 3" from top to bottom and 2" from side to side and has a large loop soldered behind the top swirl to accommodate almost size chain.

$399. includes postage and tax

Crazy S Hook Pendant
The crazy S hook was created when I mistakenly cut several pieces of sterling wire too long for a regular S hook. I couldn't just scrap them all so I made the S hook and crossed the long ends over the middle and came up with this wonderful design. It has become one of my best selling designs and here it is made from heavy gauge wire and measures about 2" long and has a jumpring at the top for a chain to slide through.

$60.00 includes postage and tax

Maple Sap Bucket Pendant
My son Josh Nortz, a third generation silversmith was inspired to build this one of a kind piece while he was boiling maple sap into syrup here in Lewis County NY. It is built with sterling silver sheet and wire and measures 1.5" top to bottom including the handle and is 1" at the widest and about .25" from front to back.

The handmade chain in this photo is our 18 gauge twisted link chain and measures 22". The pieces are sold separately and the chain can be any length you might like, please contact me for pricing.

$275 includes postage and tax for the pendant

$175 includes postage and tax for the chain

Organic cutout pendants
These pendants are from my organic line of jewelry that I started making in earnest in 2009. I call it organic because I've melted down my scrap sterling and rolled the blobs into these organic looking freeform shapes. Notice the tiny cracked edges from the stress of rolling, very cool. Then I saw out the desired silhouette with my jeweler's saw. Each measures about 1" X 1.5" and is oxidized. No two are alike!

Pinecone silhouette is $110 and tree is $100 includes shipping and tax.

Organic Turquoise Pendant
This pendant is from my 'organic' line of jewelry, I always melt down scrap silver and reuse some of it but this year I've done that more often and used the resulting discs for many designs. In this case I've melted silver into a ball and flattened and rolled it to a usable thickness, I love the freeform shape. The turquoise cabochon is then bezel set and I've added some balls of melted scrap to the design. The melted ball theme carries over into the bail at the top too. Measures about 1-1/2" wide by 1-3/4" high.

$130.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Flower Pendant
Pretty blue labradorite center in this handmade flower pendant is shown with our handmade byzantine chain {18gauge} sold separately. This flower measures 2" in diameter. You may choose any stone for the center and prices vary by stone and size.

$225. including postage and tax

Swirly Dichroic Pendant
This amazing piece of glass came from one of my favorite glass artists - Carolyn Relei I love to set her glass, the colors are intense and my customers are always attracted to them. This piece has been sold but I'm offering the design anyway, you may choose another glass cabochon, I have many in stock or choose a real stone and I will set it for you in a similar fashion.

$110.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

Wrapped Dichroic Pendant
This wrap is my most popular setting, the loop allows most any chain to fit through, even some collars fit, making the pendant quite versatile. You may choose a stone or glass cabochon for this setting, please contact me for availability.

$100.00 (Includes shipping & tax)

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