Silver Bench Jewelry By Lisa Nortz

Back Ground
As I mentioned earlier, I have woven baskets using natural materials for years. The Adirondack pack basket was the most popular style that I made. With the help of my parents silver basket weaving experience, I have reproduced the pack basket in miniature, in sterling and fine silver.

My parents, Butch and Pat Bramhall are very talented, well known silversmiths and have spent years weaving baskets with silver and gold. They started weaving miniatures and now also make full size baskets. Their work has been showcased in several magazines and art exhibits and has earned them numerous awards throughout the years. I thank them for all their knowledge, support and encouragement.

Miniature Adirondack Pack Basket Necklace
The classic pot-belly shape of the Adirondack pack is recreated in sterling and fine silver. I have woven this basket in the same manner that a natural fiber pack basket would be woven. There are only a few exceptions, one being the handle which I solder to the rim instead of inserting it down into several rows of weaving and the stakes are not bent over the rim row and tucked into the weaving, they are soldered to the rim row. Measures about 7/8" X 3/4" X 1-1/8" high. $395.00 for the pack basket pendant(Includes shipping & tax) The handmade twisted link chain measures 24" long and slides through the jumpring attached to the basket handle. $525.00 for the set ( includes shipping and tax)

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